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The Stress Free Family of Companies has been providing relocation assistance to corporations, individuals and families in the region since 1997. With over 15 years of experience, we have successfully assisted assignees and families with their transition domestically and internationally. With the focus on the client’s needs, we strive to assure a hassle free relocation process by becoming the families' trusted partner from beginning to end.

Stress Free’s Mission is to always genuinely care for each one of our clients, guests and employees. We pledge to employ and provide the highest level of services to our guest and clients so that they can have a comforting, relaxed and Stress Free transition in all aspects of their relocation. We empower our employees to be creative, unique and provide memorable experiences for every client.

Why We Are Different

With over 15 years of experience working with international assignees in all regions globally, Stress Free has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors by combining two very important parts of any mobility process: relocation services with corporate housing. The uniqueness of our business model allows assignees and their families to transition seamlessly from temporary housing to permanent housing supported by our consultants who also provide all the destination services needed to quickly settle in their new location.

  • Only combined Relocation and Temporary Housing Program
  • Largest Global Network of coverage
  • Business Travel Assistance
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Delivering cost effective and quality solutions
  • Committed to providing excellent customer service
  • Committed to building long term relationships with our clients
  • Provide Customized Solutions
  • Experience managing Client’s assignees to and from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • Proprietary Software

Global Network

With our expansion into many regions in the world, we continue to build our network of consultants who can support locally our client’s employees and their families. With our detailed vetting process, we assure that all of our consultants meet Stress Free’s Quality Standards.

  • Over 100 Service Providers Worldwide
  • Coverage of over 190 Countries
  • Provider selection process meet Stress Free Quality Standards
  • Stress Free creates a service agreement to guarantee the best possible service to our clients
  • Stress Free On-boarding Process
  • Providers Company History
  • Providers Organizational Structure
    • Value proposition and Business Vision/Strategy
    • Core Competencies/Capabilities
    • Key Business Indicators: volume,services, results
  • Providers Regional Presence
    • Owned offices, city & country coverage, staff (full time)
  • Providers Service Delivery Model
    • Services process, quality control points, escalation process, reporting, surveys
  • Scope of Services, Pricing and Invoicing
  • Employee training and supervision
  • Technology and systems support
  • Contingency and back-up plans
  • Company Differentiators
  • References
  • Additional company information, awards, certifications


We understand that relocating can be unsettling, especially for an employee and their family being transferred to an unfamiliar location outside of their own country. To ease the transition, Stress Free Relocation provides comprehensive Relocation services that make the move as stress-free as possible. It starts by assigning highly experienced relocation consultants that understand all the steps involved in moving to a new location and even anticipate the unexpected, leaving no detail to chance. We believe every move should be Stress Free and that's why we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding our clients and employees expectations every day.

Visa & Immigration

Our immigration services provide a comprehensive understanding of the local immigration laws and requirements. The cumulative knowledge and experience we have allows us to assist the employees and their families from the initiation of the case to the final authorization where the entire immigration process is managed through a single point of contact. The scope of services includes document procurement, work and/or residence permits and consular assistance and these are tailored to fit each individuals needs.

Pre-Arrival/Orientation Tour

An international assignment can be a stressful time for a family. Before the actual relocation occurs or upon arrival, organizations provide the employees and their families a sight-seeing tour of the new location and provide them with valuable information. Initially, we will do a needs assessment to have an understanding of their interests. Once this is completed, we will provide information about the different areas of the city, the housing and schooling options in these areas, accompany them to visit the locations and attractions and assist the employees and their families determining which options would be best for them.

Home Search

Our team of local experts will assist the employees and their families in choosing the right home. Once selecting the different options in the areas of interest, our consultants will help the family during the entire process from viewing the pre-selected homes, help with identifying and selecting the home, lease negotiations, deposits, signatures and assisting with the basic utilities.

School Search

Our consultants will assist the parents and children in selecting schools that are best suited for their needs. After the needs assessment has been completed and the schools have been selected, we will assist in coordinating the appointments/interviews with school representatives, detail the documentation needed to register and assist during the admissions process.


Once the employees and their families have arrived at the new location, there is additional assistance we can provide which will help during the families’ transition. These would be:

Driver’s License:

Provide the driving manual or necessary study material, assist with the making the appointment, provide location information and accompany the assignee/spouse to the motor vehicle office.

Bank Account:

Provide information about the different financial institutions, detail the documents needed and accompany them to open an account.

Social Security:

Detail the documents needed, setting up the appointment, assisting with the application process and accompany the employee/spouse to the social security office.

Auto Purchase/Lease:

Provide information about the different options to obtain a vehicle, detail documents needed to complete the process and accompany the employee/spouse.

Auto Insurance:

Provide a list of insurance companies and assist during the process.

Temporary Housing

Coordinate temporary housing as needed and allowed by corporation while the expatriate is in the process of securing long-term accommodations.

Tenancy Management

The purpose of this service is to assist the assignee and transferring corporation with the maintenance and payments related to the property in the host location. We will be able to assist with negotiating with landlords, paying deposits, rent and utilities, schedule and coordinate maintenance and keep track of lease expirations.

Departure Services

Once an assignment is over, there are several items that the employees and their families need to be aware and assistance with which are as follows:

  • Home Lease termination (review contract, submit notice letter, return of deposits, disconnect utilities)
  • Auto Lease Termination
  • Pre-move out Inspection
  • Assist with house cleaning/repairs in preparation for the house return
  • Coordinate walk-through with owner
  • Assist with bank accounts and closures
  • Assist with terminating car insurance
  • Assist with deregistration with local authorities if required
  • Arrange hotel or temporary housing if needed

Airport Pick-up

Upon arrival at the airport, we are able to assist the employees and their families with the luggage and take them to the hotel and/or temporary housing where they will be staying at.

Meet & Greet

Once the employees and their families are settled in at their hotel and/or temporary housing location, we coordinate with them to discuss in person the services the organization has authorized and review the itinerary of those services. We feel this process is very important so the family and our consultant can meet each other beforehand and “break the ice”.

Language/Cultural Training

One of the biggest issues employees and their families face when accepting or not an international assignment is the language barrier and cultural differences. Through our trusted partners, we are able to assist, coordinate and manage the language and cultural process so the assignee and family members are able to communicate in a new language and understand the new cultural environment. Acquiring these skills, the family will begin to interact socially and professionally upon arrival.

Household Goods Move

Through our trusted partners, we are able to coordinate and manage the entire process. After performing the needs assessment, we assist the employee with the selected partner, their communication and all aspects of the move. We monitor the process and are continuously in contact with our client and partners.

Spousal Assistance

Assisting spouse with career opportunities, assistance with resumes and preparing for interviews, volunteer opportunities, continued educational options, recreation and sports activities and any other request we can provide to help during the transition.

Credit Education/Establishment

Educate the employees and spouse on the credit system in the US and how it works.

As an international provider of relocation assistance, we take pride in assisting our clients in as many countries as possible. While our main focus is currently assisting our clients in the Americas Region we have years of experience in other regions of the world. Depending on their needs and countries of destination, we are able to build a successful network of consultants to assist the assignees and families with their relocation experience.

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